A Sea of Wheat

 Happy Canada Day!

     Last week I posted about mountains, so this week it seems almost necessary for me to post about the prairies! When I was first able to see the prairies, I was actually quite shocked. It had always been my opinion that the prairies must be dull and boring. After all, there was nothing but fields to see. In real life, there is something so compelling and comforting about the prairies. Being able to see so far into the distance, and the grass and wheat just going on and on, is beautiful. The photos speak for themselves!


prairie (10 of 10)

| The prairies are calling, and I must go |

prairie (9 of 10)

| Over the mountains and to the prairies |

prairie (8 of 10)

We must take adventures to know where we truly belong.

prairie (6 of 10)

God made old country roads for driving and dreaming.

prairie (4 of 10)

All around them was nothing but grassy prairie

spreading out to the edge of the sky – Laura Ingalls

prairie (1 of 10)

After the sunset on the prairies, there are only the stars – Carl Sandburg

prairie (5 of 10)

The sea, the woods, the mountains, all suffer in comparison to the prairie…

The prairie has a stronger hold upon the senses – Albert Pike

prairie (2 of 10)

We were soon free of the woods and bushes, and fairly upon the prairie – Francis Parkman

prairie (3 of 10)

Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat – Laura Ingalls


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